“The squalls disrupted any thoughts of getting some sleep”

20 November 2014

Clipper Race Founder and Chairman Sir Robin Knox-Johnston has had another night of squalls with the wind shifting by as much as 309 degrees in the Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe race.

It is the second consecutive night of squalls leaving Sir Robin - in fourth - with little sleep after a tiring weekend of squalls and wind shifts as well.

The British navigator is 53 miles behind third-placed boat, Wilfrid Clerton on Cap Au Cap Location. Italian skipper Andrea Mura, holder of the Rhum class record which he set in 2010, moved into second place yesterday from third.

Sir Robin, on his Open 60 Grey Power, is making 12 knots in around 17 knots of Easterly to Easterly by Northerly wind, with more squalls predicted today and tomorrow by Clipper Race meteorologist Simon Rowell.

Yesterday, Anne Caseneuve won the Rhum class on her trimaran ANEO in a time of 17 days, 7 hours, 6 minutes and 3 seconds. Sir Robin congratulated Anne on her best result in her fifth Route du Rhum: "You sailed a great tactical race and with great determination.Your efforts have been deservedly rewarded."

In turn Anne paid tribute to Sir Robin on arrival into Point à Pitre, Guadeloupe. "I didn't have the positions of my competitors, but I learnt that Sir Robin was in third position. It's really magical, he is really a great sailor. I respect him enormously, and I will be there to welcome him."

Here is Sir Robin's latest blog, sent Thursday morning.

Congratulations to Anne Caseneuve on winning the Rhum class. A great effort and she has sailed a great race to a well deserved victory.

In the meantime, back on the water, the positions between second and fourth hardly change relatively. The competition is between second and third as I think the gap between us in fourth and third is too great to be reduced in the distance remaining. We are coming in at the same speeds, or near enough. But the fat lady aint sung yet!

The squalls disrupted any thoughts of getting some sleep last evening.

Although not particularly heavy, just they changed the wind direction for some time by as much as 309 degrees.

I collected a gallon of fresh water in a squall from the mainsail. Pure rainwater brings out a very different flavour in tea and coffee. I could have had more last night but did not want to leave the controls in a large and long drawn out squall. However I did get some clothes freshed off, so it was not all wasted.

Thoughts are now turning to cold beer and fresh salads! It's still too far out for that.


Current ETA into Point a Pitre, Guadeloupe, is Saturday aftermoon local time.

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