Three days to go until 2015-16 Crew Day - Race Start date to be revealed

08 January 2015

In just three days, over 250 international race crew members will gather in London for their first major briefing on the 2015-16 race.

Race Chairman Sir Robin Knox-Johnston and Race Director Justin Taylor will lead Crew Day which will reveal the Race Start date along with the most up-to-date route information.

Sir Robin says: “Crew Day is a very exciting time as this is when the adventure starts to feel very real.
The moment you find out the Race Start date is when the countdown to your adventure truly begins.

“Many crew will have closely followed all the buzz of the previous races and they’ve spent months training, waiting for their own moment which is getting closer by the day. Remember that this is the last major time that crew will join together before finding out their teams, so it’s a great chance to build friendships before the competitiveness takes hold!”

You can follow the latest updates as they are revealed via social media posts on our Facebook and Twitter pages which will reveal key news as it is announced. If you don’t use these channels, the news highlights from the briefing will also be confirmed on our website news section immediately following the briefing.

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