Unique business network with Clipper Connect

11 September 2015

Building on its successful launch event earlier this year, more than a hundred Clipper Connect members spanning almost 20 years of the race flocked to St Katharine Docks, central London’s only marina to revel in the celebrations of the spectacular Clipper Race departure and to network through their unique race connection.

The atmosphere and energy of the Alumni race crew and partners that gathered near the Tower Bridge setting was palpable as guests shared how their race experience has positively impacted them in their career and business environments.

Rob Lewis, founding member and Managing Director of Mission Performance, the Clipper Race’s Learning and Development Partner, and a Team Sponsor for the second consecutive year, shared some initial insights into the lessons learnt on creating a high performance team based on the research conducted by the company in the last edition of the race.

Rob says: "It was a great evening measured by the number of great business conversations and subsequent meetings we have had. I am looking forward to sharing the race research conclusions in more detail and how they link to our study on resilience at a more formal presentation being organised in the autumn."

Former crew member and Clipper Race Ambassador Ollie Phillips reflected on the impact the race had had on him and endorsed the concept of personal development experienced through his participation.

Amongst the members attending was Matthew Lloyd, a former Head of Business Development for Stage Electrics who left secure employment to start up his own company, GDS Ltd, with a friend, on return from his circumnavigation on board Bristol during the 2002-03 edition of the race.

He says: “Upon my return I started a company in Bristol with a global vision from day one. The word global is in the title of the business (Global Design Solutions Ltd) which came to me whilst waiting to go through the Panama Canal during the race. I truly believe that I have a global business now because I took part in a global race.

“Global Design Solutions is now 11 years old and has a distribution network in 31 countries and is a multi-award winning UK manufacturer with turnover in the multi-millions and a great team of 35 people both in the UK and internationally.”

Matthew adds: “No matter what race you took part in, or how much you may have done, once you have experienced the Clipper Race experience of training, bonding, team building and fun it changes a part of you forever. So when you go to an event like Clipper Connect everyone you are talking to has experienced that change too which makes it easy to have a conversation. It also generates a very positive environment in which to chat with likeminded people and, if the opportunity arises, to do some business together or discuss your businesses.”

Want to get connected? Contact Clipper Race circumnavigator and Clipper Connect Manager, Caroline Marrows at [email protected] + 44 (0) 2392 534 718 or apply to join the Clipper Connect LinkedIn group, Clipper Connect - Clipper Round the World Yacht Race.

Watch out for the next event this November to discover detailed leadership lessons from Mission Performance related to its Clipper 2013-14 Race study and the launch of the Personal Value project, a new research initiative run by The Centre for Citizenship Enterprise and Governance (CCEG), which is being piloted with Clipper Race crew and alumni through Clipper Connect.

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