Update on Visit Sanya, China

10 January 2020

Given slow progress over the last few days and its likely future progress and potentially later ETA into the Whitsundays, Visit Sanya, China has officially accepted 11th position and the award of 1 point for Race 5.

The team has now ceased racing and is able to make best speed to the Whitsundays by all available means, including engine.

Although Visit Sanya is no longer racing, it will still have to follow the Race 5 course as set out in the Course Instructions and all exclusion zones still apply.

CV29 ceased racing in position 27° 48.900 S, 153° 35.900 E at 1730 UTC on 09-01-2020.

Says Clipper Race Director, Mark Light: “This has been a team decision from Visit Sanya, China and although not a decision taken lightly, it has been made for the greater good of the team.”

The first arrivals into The Whitsundays are expected this evening (10 January) and are set to continue over the next three days.

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