View from the top! Qingdao secures first place in Race 12: Come Sea DC Cup

15 June 2024

After seven days, and over 1,500nm of racing, Qingdao has crossed the Race 12: Come Sea DC Cup Finish Line in first place, taking home its second winners title in a row. The team completed the race from Panama to Washington, DC, where the Finish Line was located just outside of Chesapeake Bay, in 7 days, 17 hours, 1 minute and 28 seconds.

Image: Snapshot from the Race Viewer as Qingdao took home the top spot

The team is getting used to the view from the top as this marks its third win of this race edition, and fifth podium place.

Race 12 is known for being far from straight forward, with high temperatures, electric squalls and fickle winds all being testing conditions when racing in these waters. However, the Chinese backed team entry took it all in its stride. It was a strong start for Qingdao departing Panama as one of the leaders of the pack. But it was after the whole fleet Stealth Mode black out just a few days into racing when the team emerged in first place and has sat tight there ever since.

Image: Lucky handshake from the Race Director to AQP Henry on departure from Panama?

On crossing the Finish Line, Skipper Philip Quinn said: “We crossed the Finish Line of Race 12: Come Sea DC Cup at 1001 UTC this morning (15 June). It was a hard-fought race where Mother Nature decided to throw everything at us over the last days and right up to the finish with squalls and wind holes overnight. We are super excited to get finished and to have pulled off a win into Washington, DC. Thanks to the great efforts of the crew all the way, they thoroughly deserve it. Go Dragons!!”

Qingdao currently sits in eighth place on the overall standings, but with its Joker still to play, more of this kind of racing could see the team’s position on the leader board jump.

With ten places still up for grabs, it’s time to keep the refresh button ready on the Race Viewer as it's going to be a busy final 24 hours of Race 12.

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