Watch! The Clipper Race TV Series Final on Sky Sports

02 October 2018

The Race of Their Lives documentary series will see the final episode being aired on Sky Sports, where the epic adventure sees the crews race across the North Atlantic heading back to Liverpool where they began, for the grand finale.

Episode 7 - 12/10/2018, 15:00 BST - Sky Sports Arena SD

Episode 7 - 12/10/2018, 16:00 BST - Sky Sports Action SD

Episode 7 - 12/10/2018, 22:00 BST - Sky Sports Arena SD

Episode 7 - 13/10/2018, 01:00 BST - Sky Sports Action SD

The Clipper Round the World Yacht Race is the longest ocean race on the planet, spanning 11 months, and over 40,000 nautical miles. These amateur sailors are ordinary people, many of whom have never sailed before, so it’s a challenge that will test the physical and mental boundaries of everyone involved, as they take on ‘Mother Nature’, with hurricane force winds, freezing temperatures, and blistering heat…all within the confines of a 70-foot yacht.

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