Yacht Club Punta del Este Plays Joker in Race 7: Endless Discovery in Ha Long Bay

26 January 2024

In a bold move that could potentially change the trajectory of their Clipper Race adventure, Yacht Club Punta del Este has decided to play its Joker in Race 7. This strategic decision, which can only be used once during the entire circumnavigation, means that all points gained from the yacht's finishing position in the upcoming race will be doubled.

Currently sitting in fifth place on the leaderboard with a total of 42 points, skipper Nano Antia, shared his insights into the decision-making process behind playing the 'Joker.' Nano explained, "It's a gut feeling, and the gut feeling was supported by the crew. We went into different options. We think this is our time to bounce up and the best way to bounce up is to commit."

Confident in the abilities of his team, Nano expressed the responsibility he feels for the decision, saying, "Apart from the energy that we felt, I take a lot of responsibility if it goes wrong. If it goes well, it's everyone's decision. But the team supported us last night when we talked about it, and we are a downwind boat, we are a light boat, and it's a long leg."

The Joker allows for a significant potential boost in points, a crucial advantage that Yacht Club Punta del Este aims to leverage to climb higher in the overall standings, with one first-place finish under their belt and having finished in sixth position in Race 6 the team has it all to play for.

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