2015-16 Race Partner Charity Activation Highlights


Unicef used the Clipper Race to talk Climate Change in China

The Clipper Race and our Official Race Charity Unicef joined forces in Qingdao to highlight a subject China is putting more and more emphasis on; that is the role children have in addressing climate change and creating a clean environment for future generations.

With World Water Day taking place on 22 March, local students from the Ocean University of China and middle schools from Qingdao and Beijing were invited to attend a forum entitled “Set Sail for a Low Carbon Life”. The format was a live discussion on how young people could be a catalyst for action in addressing environmental challenges.

The forum made the most of the latest technology by creating an app and live chat forum which enabled the event to be paperless and the reach to extend much beyond the capacity of the room.

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Education on policy through interaction with Unicef projects

Unicef used the Clipper Race as a means to educate on the policy work it does at government level throughout the world which will continue ‘until every child is safe’.

A number of visits gave children from local Unicef projects a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to engage with the Clipper Race, climb aboard the racing yachts and meet with crew members.

In Panama, children from local projects were introduced to crew members to understand the value and opportunity offered by the marine industry.

One of the most moving moments came in Vietnam when Clipper Race crew and staff were invited to The DAVA Centre in Da Nang to see first-hand how Unicef supports children with disabilities in the city.

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