​Crew demographics


A year ago today, the Clipper Race fleet visited the city of Seattle for the first time in the race’s history. Following a successful stopover for partners and crew, 15 people from the region are now preparing for their adventure of a lifetime this summer.

The Clipper Race has always had a diverse group of crew members from all different walks of life and backgrounds and crew demographics for the 2017-18 edition of the race continue to impress, boasting the highest percentage of international crew the race has seen in 20 years. :

Crew demographics*:

Number of crew: 667

Gender Split

Male: 72.64%
Female: 27.36%


Average age: 45
Average female age: 44
Average male age: 49
Youngest male: 18 at race start
Youngest female: 18 at race start
Oldest male: 76 at race start
Oldest female: 66 at race start


40 nationalities represented

All crew

UK: 49%
International: 51%

Percentage of female crew

UK female: 59%
International female: 41%

Percentage of male crew

UK male: 45%
International male: 55%

* As of 20 March 2017