Sena Makes Waves in the Marine Sector, Debuting at BOOT Düsseldorfwith Industry-Leading Communication Solutions


03/01/2023– Sena, a global leader in cutting-edge communication solutions, is set to make a splash in the marine industry with its first-ever participation at BOOT Düsseldorf. As a Fleet Partner of the renowned Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, Sena brings its innovative products, including the Sena Nautitalk Bosun and Nautitalk N2R, to the forefront of marine technology sector.

BOOT Düsseldorf builds on Sena's inaugural venture into the marine sector, providing a pivotal platform for the company to showcase its industry-leading communication devices tailored for sailors, athletes, and teams. The Sena Nautitalk Bosun, a headset and microphone system, has already proven indispensable for the eleven teams participating in the Clipper Race, enhancing communication efficiency amidst the challenging conditions of the open sea.

Image: SENA Nautitalk headset being used by a Clipper Race Skipper

Tom Adams, Head of Partnerships at the Clipper Race, attests to the effectiveness and reliability of Sena's technology, stating, "Sena's communication solutions have proven to be game-changers for Clipper Race Skippers, First Mates and Race Crew. The Nautitalk Bosun is not only user-friendly but also robust, making it an ideal choice for ocean racing sailors testing themselves against the elements. Sena's technology and it’s applications is incredibly versatile and transferrable it can undoubtedly benefit a huge range of work functions in the marine industry."

The Sena exhibition at Hall 11 / B10 provides visitors with a unique opportunity to explore and experience the brand's cutting-edge products first hand. Additionally, attendees can delve into the Clipper Ventures ecosystem at Hall 15 / B22, gaining insights into the world of competitive yacht racing and how partnerships with organisations like Sena can support brands in their business objectives.

As Sena continues to propel itself into the marine sector, BOOT Düsseldorf stands as a pivotal moment for brands and companies seeking to connect with the industry leader in communications. The event offers a prime opportunity to engage with Sena representatives, learn about their ground breaking products, and discover how these communication solutions are reshaping the marine industry.

Visitors to BOOT Düsseldorf are encouraged to explore Sena's booth at Hall 11 / B10 to witness the future of marine communication technology. Connect with the Clipper Race and delve into the world of competitive sailing at Hall 15 / B22.

For more information on the Clipper Race and what partnerships with the Clipper Race can do for brands, please contact: Tom Adams, Head of Partnerships at Clipper Race. [email protected]

For more information on Sena and what I's technology and products offer organisations in the marine sector, please contact: Maria Martino /[email protected]