Junior Crew Supporters are individual children who are directly connected to a member of Race Crew in the current Clipper Race.

They might be for example sons, daughters, nephews, nieces, godchildren, siblings or close family friends of Race Crew.

Children are an important part of the Clipper Race family and Junior Crew Supporters activities provide a way to connect further with the race and help them feel a part of the Clipper Race family while their loved one is at sea.

The activities are aimed at children aged 5 to 12 however those under 16 may also register and take part.

The Challenges

Please register as a Junior Crew Supporter if you would like to take part in challenges and activities which will be emailed to your parent/guardian at the start of each race Leg. The deadline for completing each challenge and emailing responses back will coincide with the end of that Leg when a winner (who will be receive a prize!) is drawn from all the entries received.

Challenges will be based on experiences that our very own Clipper Race Crew might encounter as well as activities linked to sailing and the countries each Leg will visit.

All the activities can be carried out at home and please do ask your family for help with parts of the challenges if needed.

You can take on as many challenges as you wish throughout the whole eleven month Clipper Race experience. Why not try to complete your very own circumnavigation and take part in all the challenges?

How do I take part?

Please ask your parent/guardian to fill out the registration form below to give their consent and sign you up.

Participant’s details will only be held for the duration that they participate in the Junior Crew Supporters challenges and activities for the current Clipper Race, and we will only communicate with those taking part via the parent/guardian that gave consent.

If you have any questions about Junior Crew Supporters please email Nicky on [email protected]