Puerto Sherry, Puerto Sherry, Spain

Puerto Sherry, Spain
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Puerto Sherry is a bustling tourist resort in the region of Andalucia in Spain, where you will find everything you need from accommodation, restaurants, beach clubs and all kinds of activities. Inside the tourist resort is a magnificent marina located in the heart of the Bay of Cádiz, in El Puerto de Santa María.

El Puerto de Santa María is abundant with culture, history and tradition, and the monumental legacy of the city is of incomparable variety and beauty. In El Puerto, you will find a millenary city in which the different cultures that inhabited it left their unique mark. What’s more, the Caravel Santa María was provisioned here: a vessel owned by the sailor Juan de la Cosa, a cartographer who was Columbus's pilot in 1492, and author of the first world map in history that included the American continent.

Beach-lovers will fall in love with the 16 km of coastline and sandy beaches, and beyond the coast, this historic city offers visitors a monumental legacy and incredible landscapes forming part of the Network of the Protected Areas of Andalusia.

30 km away from Puerto Sherry is the city of Cádiz, this ancient port city in the region of Andalucia in southwestern Spain is the home of the Spanish Navy. The port boomed in the 16th-century as a base for exploration and trade.


Known for its incredible fresh seafood, a must try is tortillitas de camarones (prawn fritters) and papas con choco (cuttlefish and potato stew)


The ancient port city of Cádiz, home to the Spanish Navy


The historic La Pepa, where Spain’s first constitution was established over 200 years ago, Oratorio de San Felipe Neri where the constitution was passed.