It's been a good day today with stable winds, flat sea and blazing sunshine. Progress has been good and last night we got our first Scoring Gate points ever!

It looks like we will hold the breeze for quite a while yet and as we near the coast of Baja California we will put in a gybe to make some southerly ground. Over the next few days the wind will prove to be quite fluky and patchy so we will be doing our best to thread our way through the patches of wind and keep hold of our position.

On an exciting note the repair to our lightweight was completed today and a massive well done to Jane Snoswell (Legs 7 and 8) who tirelessly worked to get the sail back into shape. In recognition of her efforts the sail has been christened 'Snozza'. We have yet to hoist it as the wind is still a bit too strong but safe to say that the repair has been completed just in time.