If you are a true Clipper Race junkie, you would have read about our little mishap this afternoon.

I have been a bit busy doing a tidy up. Flo (our boat) had a little lay down today when a big nasty wave decided to create some havoc.

We are all ok on board, a few bumps and bruises.

The crew were amazing. Everyone jumped to the tasks that needed to get Flo back to her stately self. We have lost our port helm station, so everything will have to happen from our starboard one now.

We have dropped our main, it was at first just to slow the boat down whilst we assessed the damage done and to get the steering back under control. We won’t be able to use our main as we have damage to a couple of fittings and the main winch and the grinder needs some TLC before we could use them.

I can’t praise the crew enough, from those at the coal face on deck, to those below making sure everyone was ok, food still came out, everyone looking out for each other.

It will now become one of those stories, you know ‘so where you when the wave hit and what happened to you?’

We are now making our way to Seattle, motor sailing at the moment, just to try and get some miles in the correct direction. We will sail again when it is quicker, when the next low pressure comes through.

We are ok, chocolate cake even got baked this afternoon, man it was good

Love youse all.