Hello everybody,

Exciting times in the race over the past week for the entire fleet!

All is well on board Dare To Lead. We have made some good progress with just our Yankee headsail the past 48 hours and are now very close to our friends on Washington, DC and PSP Logistics. It will be a real fight to the finish for us, with Bekezela chasing from behind too. Plus, with the winds looking favourable for the back of the fleet in the Ocean Sprint, perhaps some points up for grabs. Makes it everything to play for until crossing the Finish Line in hopefully 4-5 days or so...

Everyone is looking forward to Seattle now after 24 days at sea, but at the same time we all look forward to the last few days of this race with lots of tactics, including the use of Stealth Mode up to 48 hours or using it on two separate occasions for 24 hours, let’s see! The forecast is looking great for good winds up until the finish so let’s hope the usual light winds outside Seattle don’t hold us up.

We have already sailed 5,033nm since leaving Qingdao, and in our lunchtime meeting today we all reflected on that fact and just how far we have sailed. With just over 1,000nm to go it will be over 6,000 Miles total for this race, unbelievable!

Otherwise, all happy onboard and chefs are busy taking the meat off the two ducks we have for dinner. Literally the entire duck in fat so we get the meat off, and the rest is given to Neptune and the wind gods over the side. As bad as I’m making it sound it’s my favourite meal this race, duck noodle stir fry with an amazing sauce, so good.

1 Hour 11 Minutes till dinner time, the countdown begins.

Speak again in two days' time. We should be in the middle of the Ocean Sprint by then, in Stealth Mode perhaps??

Stay tuned, Ryan, Charlie & Team