Hi all, WELL I can hardly believe I am typing this but we have just crossed our outbound track and have officially circumnavigated the globe!! 40 000 miles and 50 amateur crew all who have worked hard and made this possible. We have fought hard and faced some major highs and lows and here we are making our final approaches to Liverpool.

There are so many heroes of this race and it would not be right to celebrate our race without a mention of who has made this possible.

Sir Robin Knox Johnson, who has inspired through his personal achievements, thousands of novice sailors to circumnavigate the globe. Who also personally inspired me from the age of 8 to fulfil my own sailing dreams. You are a living legend and it has been an honour working with you.

William Ward OBE who has developed a hugely successful platform to allow people to fulfil their dreams of long distance sailing. Who has also assembled a top-class team that makes this possible

Dirk van Deale, our Team Partner, who has made team Dare To Lead possible and truly encouraged us to become leaders in our own personal spheres of life.

Clipper Race Staff (there are too many to mention here personally although I wish I could!) The Maintenance, Training, Media, Partnerships, Logistics, Crew Support, Spares, Race Director Teams. You have all become more than colleagues this year, but personal friends and I have never worked with a team that has been so utterly professional in absolutely everything they do yet still feels like family.

My crew, who have worked so very hard through relentless repetitive watches. Through cold and heat, through storms and suffocating calms they have all individually and with their own characters added to the success of this epic achievement. Mostly though for having to put up with me, and fall under my sometimes-faltering leadership.

Race Supporters, who have buoyed us on through this year with all of your enthusiasm and encouragement. We have heavily relied on your rallying behind us on a daily basis.

My fellow Skippers who have been the only people this year that really understand the weight we carry and have all become personal friends despite my late entry into the race.

The biggest heros of this race for me however, is hands down, my wife Natalie and my three boys Jack, Jamie and Jonah. The sacrifice that Natalie has made to allow me to be here is beyond comprehension. Caring for three young boys alone for a year is perhaps a harder challenge than my own and I entirely share my successful circumnavigation with her.

Dale Out

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