On 20 January 2022 my wife, Anne, dropped me at the airport in Hannover, where I live, to go to work. 190 days later, I’ve still not been home! Since then I have visited places I have never before been, seen wildlife I have never before seen, crossed two major oceans, sailed almost the entire length of the US western and eastern seaboard, faced extreme weather conditions and situations and experienced just about every emotion I can imagine. I have met many people; ordinary people, like you and me, placed into extraordinary circumstances. I have watched dreams be fulfilled, fears overcome, expectations realigned, elation and disappointment, sadness, happiness, exhaustion, regret, ambivalence and, above all, a determination to succeed. That success cannot be measured, ultimately, by a position on a leader board in a race, rather by a sublime sense of achievement.

Now we come to the end of this particular journey, the final Finish Line has been crossed and the ‘Race of our Lives’ run. A group of friends sit together and contemplate their next adventures. For some that may be a return to an old routine, for others it may be something new and completely different. Whatever it is, they will be doing it with new eyes.

To the entire crew who have sailed with me on Dare To Lead, I salute you! You really have achieved something truly remarkable!

All is well on Dare To Lead...

Nigel, Angela and crew.