Another day, a new day. The last 24 hours we had the wind on a better angle - it eased and veered, which pleased all my pirates and the boat.

The sea is nearly flat now, not much wind as the ridge and the centre of the high is getting closer, so we had a few sail changes to do last night and not long ago.

I can write the blog like nearly on land - nearly flat and dry desk - and I don't need a helmet as a precaution for tools landing on me. It feels good to have a bit of a break.

We’re still pointing towards Fremantle - some westerly winds should arrive and the balloons will be flying soon.

Looking forward to seeing Australia again. I worked there for more than 2 years and spent a few months in Fremantle. The place is great, ten minutes with a train and you'll find Cottesloe beach, white sand, blue water, big waves - I need a bodyboard! You got free barbecues if you want to fry some stuff. Mmmh looks like a dream, nope just a goal - that's reality – we’re nearly there!

Today we will have to carry out some repairs and some cleaning before conditions pick up again.

We keep fighting. As Dale (Dare To Lead) said on a previous blog, I am also knocking myself for being so far north but if early on we had to tack, we were going backwards on a 190 course over ground, so 060 was the closer tack towards 090 degrees for course to steer towards Oz.

We will have a good angle but probably less surfs and less wind. The south ones will have quite some strong wind, maybe the kite will be flying, maybe some kitemares, maybe, maybe, lots of unsure situations, which means the race is still on. Canons ready, let's do this!

GT out