Good Morning All,

Hello again from life at an angle. Although we have our kite up, we are still heeling over very nicely, However unlike when we are beating up wind we are not bouncing or slamming, so angle or not, it is quite comfortable. Other than that, there is nothing really to say about the racing!

Birthdays however! Evan Rhodes has his birthday today, or so we thought. Card filled in, cake made etc. all ready for when he awoke this morning. After the cheers and Happy Birthdays, he had this blank look on his face, and admitted it was not his birthday... What? It's filled in as 8/7. Today is the 8th. He is American and so had changed his month and day around on the form! Why can’t they be the same as the rest of us! So we have cake and he has an early card. He was so touched he said it was his best non-birthday yet.

We then counted the cakes we have left on board, and as we are holding random birthdays, we are going to pull names out of a hat for those who have not had a birthday on board yet and randomly celebrate everyone's on board before Race Finish, date irrelevant. A Fantastic load of cake coming. So much for losing weight.

Otherwise we are slowly getting colder and colder as we head north, The foul weather gear is back in full force and the mid layers are coming out at night. I know this is the middle of summer up here heading toward Scotland, but it just doesn't seem right. Summer should be sunshine, shorts and t-shirts, with loads of sun block. Not mid layers and jumpers. Oh how we miss the heat of Bermuda and the sweating in our bunks with fans blowing...

I'm back off on deck, after putting ten layers on so we will chat again soon.


Wavy and a crew from the future as it is now the 7th of August... for Evans Birthday.