Good Morning All

A good few days on GoToBermuda. Making the Scoring Gate first and leading the fleet through the halfway mark has been a well deserved boost, and a delight to the crew who have worked very hard over the last few days. Many a sail change and some in not great conditions. All done to the now very high standard of seamanship and efficiency I am expecting from the guys and gals. A great place to be as a Skipper.

Apart from the usual birds and dolphins, we have seen many a whale, some strange lit buoys and numerous space ships, or maybe they are TransAtlantic flights? Naa… UFO's make a better midnight story/conversation on deck. They come from planet…

Not that we have a lot of darkness at the moment and as we head north the nights get shorter and shorter. But during the darkness, we counted three revolutions of the International Space Station, which on the second one, was the brightest light in the sky. Quite a sight. We take about two weeks to cross the Atlantic, they take about two minutes... Okay show offs!

Now it’s heading towards the Emerald Isle and the promise of a nice pint of Guinness. Back on deck to see what comes next.


Wavy and a delighted crew.