What a slow, quiet day, perfect for a relaxing motor before we start to race again this morning. The crew have been using this time as R&R, as have Chief and myself. We did however continue with the sextant work in a nice flat sea. In fact the conditions were perfect to practice and I was impressed by how well the guys were shooting a sun. Although we are going through the practical side of celestial navigation, I am not going through the complicated calculations and plotting required to actually get a fix. In other words we are doing the fun bit and avoiding the boring math bit. Sound about right for a relaxing day of motoring.

More laundry was done and once again we were covered. Unfortunately with all this laundry it was not creating any shade and a few of us have now got "sports bra" tan lines from the lifejackets. Try and explain that one to your mates back home!

We really did some bad timings today as we finished our deep clean at the height of the sun and the poor guys doing below deck had the worst skin leak(sweating). They were cooking below, while moving food day bags and floor boards. Not fun but all done. A nice clean boat to start the second stage. Well done guys.

We have also completed our repairs, which I am pleased to say was not to any sails, but ironically to the anti wrap net and some blocks. Long may our sail damage be held to a minimum. I have a feeling this is a direct correlation between the crews ability to do manoeuvers and the amount of damage. In other words, thus far, every gybe, drop and hoist has gone like clockwork and created zero damage. Well done again and long may it last.

So, game faces on today. Let’s go and change our fortunes.


Chat later,

Wavy, Fabian and GoToBermuda crew.