Morning All,

Been a busy 24 hours on board. Firstly, we did a number of gybes up to the mark, coming inshore of the northerly current then gybing back up to the mark. Rounding in the dark, really dark, as the moon had not risen and plenty of clouds covering the star light. We hardened up, dropped the code and up with the Yankee, and started to head south into the home straight. The wind died again and out with the windseeker and down with the Yankee. Luckily, the moon had risen by then and the light was plenty for an easy change.

What we did notice is that the topping lift mantle had chafed through and needed a repair. So at first light we moused it out and with a bit of luck, the mantle did not bunch up and it came out easily. Out with the sewing kit and the repair made. Moused back in again and up and in place. I am much happier when we have a working topping lift, as I have had one main halyard snap and the topping lift held the boom above the guys heads and no one was hurt.

So now we are in our drift south, fighting against a northerly current, which is not helping, but we ARE making distance south so all is good.

So please keep holding your thumbs and fingers crossed, for us, as we need some breeze to keep going to Subic Bay as poor Go To Bermuda does not like the light.

Cheers and chat later

Wavy, Fabian and Crew