Morning All,

Well another day from purgatory. The crew just have to live it, I have to write about it and you... At least I can put it down and not read about it. We had a little breeze during the night, 8 knots max and it felt like a gale. Such a wonderful sound of the water rushing past, well moving past. That brings me on to the main blog... The relative theory of speed.

What is the relative theory of speed on a yacht? It is easy, if there is no wind at all, like now, the relative speed to the wind is zero... However last night it was average about 4 knots, blowing hard relatively, and we were doing about 2-4 knots of boat speed, really exciting stuff. Then the wind backed and went aft, so the apparent wind dropped and with it our boat speed, 2-3 knots. Not so exciting! And then finally the wind died all together and that is what is called purgatory... The cold beers are not getting any closer.

So with us out here on our own, there is a new type of managed purgatory, we will continue to drift in the wrong direction while we tend to our wounded... Josh stubbed his toe and we thought there might be blood! I have a feeling he will live but we have him on light galley duty... It’s all relative you see.... :)

Really, the crew is well and as we make our way south we are eagerly anticipating the end of this race... So keep holding thumbs, fingers crossed and whistle down the wind so we can enjoy a cold beer.

Cheers and chat later

Wavy Fabian and Crew