Morning All,

Well, loads happened in the last 24 hours, but for us, it all came down to the race with Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam. As we entered the wind hole area, they were about a mile ahead of us, and over the last day and night we have changed positions about 5 times. Them ahead, then us, then them... Really great fun racing. However we then got a call from Mark Light, to inform us that our finish position at 1200 local time was the final position. Then the racing really started. We were at that stage about three cables ahead and were flying a Yankee 1 with Staysail (just holding together) and they had their wind seeker up.

We edged south slower than them as they had the wind speed and we had the height. It soon became apparent that we were losing ground their speed vs our height. GoToBermuda jumped into action and did a change from the Yankee and Staysail to a Windseeker, after all the prep, in under 5 seconds! Yes they can and did. It was the best racing change I have seen in years! So now, like for like and about one cable ahead, we had 45 minutes of racing left. Crew sitting in the sun on the foredeck clock watching, Arthur on the Garmin feeding me their info with Phil and Chris trimming, it came down to a photo finish, and well we did not know who got it. We radioed Josh on Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam and asked for their finishing position. So plotting the two positions we are both 133.9 NM from mark miller! It could be a straight draw. Lets see what happens when we get in, but either way that would be a great result as both teams deserve it after putting in all the hard work. Well done and thank you to Josh, Hugo and Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam for great racing.

We are going to start motoring in from here and you will be able to call, contact tomorrow.


Chat later

Wavy, Fabian and Crew