Race 2 - Day 1
Skipper Report
05 October

Andy Burns
Andy Burns
Team GREAT Britain
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We are sailing again and I'm ready for it!! After a GREAT start out of the chocks, we headed southeast towards Cape Town. The start and course were exciting, the wind is up, and we are in great shape and ready to go.

There are so many people that contributed to making our Leg 1 and our stay in Uruguay absolutely fantastic, so this first blog is really a blog of thanks.

What a stopover. Firstly, on behalf of the crew, I want to thank the locals for their hospitality, kindness, and support during our time in Punta del Este. You made it easy for us.

A few days after our arrival I asked the Race Office about a wonderful lady who kept popping by the boat to make sure we had everything we needed. Our own mini YODA, as quick as a button, witty as an Irish man crossed with a Comedian, as kind and helpful as Mother Teresa, and as patriotic towards Great Britain as the queen herself. This lady truly was amazing.

It turns out this lady’s name is Elena, and she had been assigned by the yacht club as our attaché for the trip. To my surprise, she wasn't just assigned, but she had requested the GREAT Britain yacht. The crew and I are truly grateful for all of your efforts Elena, and we will do our best to make you proud.

We are now 16 on board, which is slightly lighter than our arrival, but they do say less weight gains places so every cloud and all that.

Today I want to concentrate on the farewells and see you laters, so in no particular order:

Catherine Foster – Pip O’Sullivan’s go-to girl, right hand woman, and confident. We will miss your sense of humour, bedroom Olympics, and ability to lighten up even the darkest of situations.

Ed Aldworth - Our very own muscle man. Thank you for your dedication, hard work, and drive you brought to the team. Leg 6 perhaps? You know it makes sense!!

Krishna Patel - Onboard second Doctor in command, always prescribing the right medication at the right time. I've never seen anyone so seasick work so hard. Big up yourself Harry!!! See you in Oz.

Ian Munford - My very own leadership coach. If I get this wrong, there is only one leadership model to blame and that's the systematic Mumford model!! Which leg will it be?

Nicola Thurlow - Hugs on tap I believe. Looking forward to seeing you again on Leg 4. We will have at least eight weeks’ worth to catch up on. Always a smile and a true grafter. Well done Nic and we will see you in Oz.

Mark Tucker - Your efforts towards the crew and the yacht have been incredible and you will be sadly missed on board. See you in Cape Town buddy and thanks for everything!!

Graham Bell - Our very own Olympian and over excited Bowman. If there was even a sniff of a sail change you were there. Thanks for all your hard work and drive you brought to the team. Is there a ski lesson on the cards?

Spencer J Bienvenue - Watch Leader extraordinaire. You really grabbed the bull by its horns and did a fantastic job. If, or should I say when, I need a lawyer in the future you'll definitely be on my speed dial list.

Tim Jeffreys - Am I going the right way? I guess if we come in last this time round you will be able to take all the credit for Leg 1. See you for the sleigh ride in Leg 3. Get some rest and wash those silk boxers of yours.

My final thanks for the day will go to our supporters group who came out to Uruguay and helped the crew with our preparations before leaving. Steve Morgan, Lucinda Rule, Claudia Rule, Yvonne, Skye, Buddy, Tracey Charles, Kate Blanks, Janet Golson, the Patel Clan, Mr and Mrs Bienvenue, Paul Gibson, and of course my wonderful girlfriend Charlie Saunders. Your support means everything to us!!

Tomorrow I will introduce you to our newest additions - Thomas Herbst, Paul Golson, John Buckman, Phil Blakey, John Charles, and Luise Birgelen.

Ciao for now,