Race 2 - Day 2
Skipper Report
06 October

Andy Burns
Andy Burns
Team GREAT Britain
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Southern Atlantic Ocean sailing brings a whole new meaning to the word wet, as one large wave after another hits the boat. Some sending us flying down them at a rate of knots. Just ask Phil 'literal' Gunn, who owns the current speed record onboard this leg of 19.6 knots or soaking the entire deck crew.

The green monster is well and truly established here on board GREAT Britain, but the crew remain positive and focussed as we plough through the miles towards Cape Town.

Now, I promised yesterday I would introduce our newest crew members on board, so first up, with a drum roll please, is none other than…

John 'I've done this before' Charles - John took part in the last edition of the race but was unable to complete Leg 2 due to injury So, he is back with vengeance to complete his circumnavigation. This guy is like a dog with a bone. I won't mention his age, but at 53, he has the energy of a teenager prior to adolescence.

Thomas 'Andy's Organiser' Herbst - Give this guy a label maker and he is well away. His belt has more utilities attached to it than Batman, which is a little bit of a give-away to where he is from. The organisation and utility belt of course leads us to a German by origin living right into the heart of Silicon Valley.

Phil 'Finance' Blakey - Now if Phil tells you he will get you an anti-wrap net, Phil will get you an anti-wrap net. Phil has put plenty of work into the boat before even joining by collecting and managing our crew food, social events, and crew houses. We have taken him away from all that and he will resume in Cape town after his Leg. Cheers Phil!

Paul Golson - This has been Paul’s dream for years, so the phrase ‘dream big or go home’ comes to mind, and in actual fact, we are heading home for Paul to the continent of Africa so he can in fact do both.

John Buckman - Said in a thick American accent, is our grinding powerhouse. Stacking up at 6'1 and a half and weighing in at (I'm not sure I know how many kilos), and that’s just in his arms. He remains primed and ready on the coffee grinders for all the heavy work.

Luise Birgelen - Brings our German contingency up to three and maximises organisational levels. I've been told by Luise I can't mention anything dangerous on board because it may worry her mother. So, Mrs Birgelen, I won't tell you that every task requiring someone to go on the bow or over the side in the harness, Luise puts her hand up for it.

As most of you know from my previous blogs, I have a small pin up of Jesus in the Nav Station. Accompanying Jesus now is Ganesh, a Hindu God donated by the Patels. Both of these will be receiving a lucky rub on an hourly basis.

Finally, I just want to wish my girlfriend Charlie a very happy 30th birthday. Hope you enjoy your day and I'll see you in Cape Town and treat you to a deep clean and a week of boat maintenance.

Ciao for now!

Andy and the Team on GREAT Britain