Today’s blog is written by RTW crew member, Pip O’Sullivan. Skipper Andy Burns will write tomorrow’s Skipper Report.

Team GREAT's spirit is slowly returning to the GREAT boat. Last night it dawned on us that we have still got a really good chance to do well in this race. I only realised this when I started receiving emails from home saying how proud everyone was of us and how well we were doing. This could be the ultimate tribute to Simon Speirs, to get the podium finish that we have all hoped for since we started the race. It would be very fitting as Simon was secretly one of the most competitive on the boat. He often said "excellent" in his deep baritone voice when I popped my head up updating everyone on our position in the fleet. Or "well we must push harder then", when the updates weren't so good. Last night we all told Simon to please blow the wind in the right direction for us from wherever he is. I can imagine him saying "at present you are doing very well, don't lose concentration now". We won't Simon.

I am on galley duty today, an excellent distraction and a great way to motivate the troops. I cooked everyone a racing breakfast this morning. The joy of being the Victualler is that you forget you have half a tonne of bacon left in the bottom of the fridge. 80 rashers and 40 eggs later and every bowl I handed out came with the caveat that you could only have this if you made the boat go faster. Everyone has promised they will! Coca cola (secret stash, I had been waiting for an opportune moment) is going to be the motivation at lunchtime and homemade cake (thank you Trish!) is going to be the motivation this evening.

The strength on this boat is admirable, the laughs are slowly returning and humour is the mesh that is holding us all together. Also, the love and support that we can feel across the ocean from everyone at home, in Australia and everywhere else around the world is keeping us going. We can't thank you all enough for the support.

Cross everything for us and let’s hope Simon, our faithful GREAT boat and the baked beans from breakfast get us to Fremantle for a podium finish that Simon would have so wanted.

Let peace be the journey.

Pip O'Sullivan and Team GREAT