Racing continues as the Clipper Race fleet progresses around our little triangle, with little difference in our relative positions (apart from one boat that took its opportunity to be at the back of the fleet for a change). Imagine your Korea began our Dell Latitude Rugged Ocean Sprint (we declared for Ocean Sprint 2 and 3) overnight and have been going fairly well so far. Whilst it is good to be moving, a couple of our joining crew wish we weren't moving quite so much, as the Green Monster visited Purple Ronny overnight. With the obligatory windhole forecast to be waiting for us just over the horizon, they should recover soon.

The performance "art" of mime is held in low esteem, since it mostly involves Frenchmen wearing tights being surprised when they walk into walls of unknown size. Hmmm. Here on Purple Ronny though, the Imagine your Korea crew are developing a more functional discipline. Last night we successfully gybed the Spinnaker led by AQP Sam "I am" Cooper using only mime to communicate his instructions. Magnifique, non?

Leg 6 crew Sean Thompson today baked what he claims is his first ever cake ("I'm a single guy, why would I bother baking cakes?") ... and it's a winner! Sean had observed that yesterday's offering (by Annette Rolfe and Tim Sowerby), whilst delicious did have the classic wedge shape of cakes baked whilst the boat is heeled over - resulting in the thin (uphill) end being noticeably crisper than the thicker (downhill) end. Sean's ingenious solution was to rotate the cake mid-way through baking, thereby cancelling out the angle of heel and producing a level and consistent cake. Well done Sean! But as the old saying goes, the proof of the pudding is in the ... er ... night-watch scoffing.

Cheers, Imagine your Korea