Race 4 - Day 4
Skipper Report
21 November

Max Rivers
Max Rivers
Team Our Isles and Oceans
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After reading the previous blogs I can confidently say that every single blog was correct, they all, to a T, correctly predicted the increase in breeze. Not surprising as the forecast was quite certain about it. So far, we along with everyone else, as I'm sure you can see on the tracker, are streaming south easterly, with a secret sail plan: not secret but every time I try to write this blog, Tom changes the sail plan.

Life on board is going well, new joiner Steve M and Lachlan tag teamed a delightful dinner last night sharing time on deck as both were quite seasick at the time, yet somehow, they decided to go the extra mile and add garlic bread to the pasta. An A+ move yet so unnecessary when one is having to contend with seasickness.

As expected, the team is setting into the all too familiar patterns of standby, on-deck work, and rest. Some new music was downloaded in Cape Town to speed us on our way. I made the cardinal sin of ocean racing by not checking that my Spotify was downloaded the night before departure, currently, the only playlist I have downloaded is a Kiwi and Australian Christmas on the Beach Playlist. I am determined to enjoy it just maybe once December has started. This is the rule on board, no Christmas music till December 1.

P.S. Code 3 has been tested and the repair is a work of art!

Max and the Crew of CV21

Our Isles and Oceans Out