They say 'it ain't over till the fat lady sings', and it's true! As much as me and Ini are encouraging her she will not utter a word. At the present time Dare To Lead has been in Stealth Mode for 23.5 hours and me and Ineke are very nervously awaiting the next schedule to see what progress they've made under their invisibility cloak. To make things worse, as if to accompany the anxieties about Dare to Lead, we've been stuck in a pretty nasty wind hole for the last 12 hours, trying to fill the kite deep downwind whilst making a less and less good course.

As with any wind hole, it's time to get the snack bag on deck, put on the golden oldies playlist, and generally let the strategically inclined members of the team gently sweat bullets at the back of the boat whilst everyone else has fun. Even Blondie and the Stones couldn't coax the boat to do an under-060 cog last watch and it hasn't been much better this watch. As I type it seems to be getting better on deck wind wise, but I've just heard Nick, our engineer get on the helm and say "Right! Now I'm in charge it's time I treat you like the dogs you are!"...the wind hole is bringing the best out in us all.

Try as I might to keep my mind in the boat. On trim and course and speed etc. I have been starting to think about surfing, my other passion. Every wave that passes under the boat convinces me that there is going to be a nice 4-6ft fun surf break somewhere in Cape Town. So, if anyone reading this is from Cape Town, if you own a car and a spare 6ft4-6ft8 shortboard. I'm super keen to meet you and I'm willing to split the petrol and buy you lunch for the chance to surf!

Howls at the wind hole from the Ini and the Seadogs, pre-emptive shakas from Joss