Race 3 - Day 14
Skipper Report
14 November

Chris Kobusch
Chris Kobusch
Team Qingdao
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The wind is back! And from the west. Life is better again. After we spent the past 24 hours sitting in a wind hole splicing doughnuts and sail ties we are now back in the race. Unfortunately, we lost over 100 nautical miles towards the leading boat in this time and it will be hard to catch up again. As this is our joker leg the motivation on board to chase the leading pack is high and we will do our best to climb the position ladder again.

On the upside the crew got a good rest and the boat some TLC after the hard days of beating into the wind and waves. Most of the guys and girls look a bit more refreshed and ready to take on the second half of this race. Unfortunately, we still carry a cold virus on board that goes around in circles and does not want to leave.

Besides that, it is a beautiful day. A clear blue sky with the sun out and considering we are 42 degrees south it is surprisingly warm. Birds are all around and seem to follow us. Plus, the spinnaker is up and we are flying along at eleven + knots and almost on course to Fremantle. A good start to catch the other boats.

Fair winds and a following sea!