Good morning everybody!

Final blog of this Atlantic Ocean race, unless something goes catastrophically wrong - even if it does, I think we should be able to get the dinghy oars out and make it in 48 hours. Less than 100 miles to go and even more importantly, we passed islands and actually saw them! St Kilda passed us at lunchtime yesterday, I think Mike was slightly disappointed by the lack of sea birds we saw, but it was still a heart-warming sight to see British soil again.

We’re currently passing the Outer Hebrides and the crew were thrilled when I realised I had a whole album of Scottish folk music downloaded. I’ve also been trying to teach the crew the Irish and Scottish national anthems, but apart from a couple of indulgent people, it’s just my caterwauling coming from behind the traveller.

When you’ll be reading this we should be close to Islay, which was my bolt hole at the end of the first part of this race - hello to everyone in Bowmore hospital/everyone on the island (it’s not very big!) You’ll be thrilled to know all my time cleaning toilets there is still occasionally put to good use on the boat and I still champion Islay whisky as the best.

We’re not ending this race quite in the position we hoped for but full credit to the crew, we’ve held our own and had an absolutely roaring time these past 48 hours. The Legenderry finale has certainly delivered a bit of everything and it was great to see those who hadn’t seen such big winds cling on with a big grin on their face. Many, many people have now passed the 20 knot speed mark; Scott, Davey, Harmon and I’m sure others I’ve forgotten to mention.

Just to top off the variety, we’re slamming around upwind at the moment, which comes as a bit of a shock after so long. As Afshin said, it’s a bit like the North Pacific again. I quickly reminded him it’s British Summertime and positively balmy comparatively, but I get what he means - grey, rain and upwind, deeeeelightful.

Onwards to a warm shower and a cold pint, not particularly in that order. Congratulations to the boats that have crossed the line by now, there’s been some incredible sailing amongst the fleet. Special shout out to my old crew on Punta del Este, you guys have played a blinder since not finding that Gulf Stream!

Quick well done to my little brother who graduated as a doctor yesterday too.

Back to chasing Qingdao to the end!

Jai Yo Sanya,

Mary, Mike and our entire crew of ‘Spirit of Derry Girls’