Good morning everybody,

So our final ocean crossing for the world’s longest sailing race! Feels like it’s been a long time coming but also snuck up on us. The Le Mans Start went quite well for us, a little bit cheeky in how slow we were hoisting our Yankee as we wanted to keep the advantage of being the leeward boat. Realistically it makes little difference in a race so long but why not take every advantage possible? Well done Dan on organising it.

I think we were leading the fleet until GoToBermuda just passed us by and are currently a couple of metres in front. We’ve gone Yankee, Code 1, Windseeker, Code 1 so the crew have been kept busy but are reacting so well to it all. 10/10 for effort and it does seem to be paying off.

Hoping we’ve had our allotted amount of wind holes for this leg now - had a lovely sunset as we bobbed about in 0.5-1 knt of wind earlier. We skilfully floated past some fishing boats and now we’re back into some breeze.

No prizes for anybody that guessed we’d play our Joker on this race! (We did contemplate Gosport-London but apparently that’s not an option). After a few disappointments, due to various reasons since the restart of the Clipper 19-20 Race, we are really hoping to optimise on those extra points this race. The crew can do it, the boat can do it, we just need to remember to round the right marks and keep everything in one piece.

Jai Yo Sanya!

Until Race Start : The Asia-Pacific Challenge