So by absolutely zero demand, I have stolen the blog writing off Dave. He rightly pointed out that this is probably the last chance in this race I’ll get to write one, so here I am.

We are currently sailing along the very top of mainland Scotland about to battle the extreme tides of the Pentland Firth. If we get there at the right time then we could boost our speed over the ground by 5/6 knots, however if we get there at the wrong time, we could be stuck punching a very strong tide for six hours. I won’t lie at the moment, our timing is not looking great. The ETA appears to be just as it changes to go against us. However there isn’t much we can do but just sail as best we can and that is definitely what we’ll do.

As this is my last blog I would like to just say a few thank you’s. Firstly all the crew that I’ve sailed with the last five months, I have enjoyed (nearly) all of it and hope that you all did too. We had some ups and downs but we never failed to give it our all and have a good laugh at the end. Thank you to the Clipper Race themselves who have given me this amazing opportunity. I love being a part of this great organisation and if you let me then this definitely won't be the last time that you see me... (Special shout out to Grace who is currently sending me regular updates of the Women’s Euro semi final, you’re a queen.)

To my family who have followed every second of this race, in fact often knowing more about the race than myself, (Dad and Grannie I hope you find something else to fill the time you normally spend watching the Race Viewer), you’re all fab and I can’t wait to see you on Saturday. My fellow AQPs, without you this race wouldn’t be the same, from the supporting emails we send to each other through the races, to our dedicated ‘skiplet’ dinners we’ve had at every stopover. I love you all so much.

Then, finally Captain Dave, you have not only been a great skipper and mentor, teaching me so much on how to build a team, keeping calm in situations out of your control, and just safely sailing these boats across oceans, but you have also become a great friend. I’ve simply enjoyed sailing with you.

So this might be my last blog for this race, but who knows, maybe I’ll be writing a lot more one day, (hint, hint Dale). Anyway I better go, because GoToBermuda is currently sailing half a knot faster and no offence Wavy, I can’t have that :)

Hannah, Dave and the Seattle Crew