Hello Team

Happy Fizz Friday. How are you doing? Made it to the end of the week, on schedule? Excellent. Now, time to catch up with some friends or family maybe, perhaps just chilling out and getting some you time? Sounds like a plan.

Chilling out sounds like a great plan actually. As you’ll have watched the fleet’s painfully slow progress northwards due to the light winds, the heat has become more noticeable again once more below decks. Inbetween, the sound flogging Mainsail and the occasional slap of water against the transom, the hum of rechargeable electric fans is the steady noise in the accommodation passages.

The crew has certainly been busy with sail changes to keep the drive northwards going when we have been able, followed with some periods of quiescent, watching the windex alternate between slow rotation and snapping from side to side as we rock on the swell. Head sail wise we have been from the Yankee 1, to the Windseeker, to the Code 1 and back to the Yankee 1.

Dawn and Melanie were Mothers for the day yesterday, and produced a new evening meal, trying out some menu plans for the Pacific. It was a vegetable red lentil curry and rice, which was exceptionally tasty, and certainly gave the electric fans another task to deal with later.

The morning was heralded by a stunning red sun as it rose above the horizon, silhouetting Unicef, magnificently surrounded by a cloudless blue sky. Apart from that, there are no updates. The other news appears to be coming from outside our current world, with talk of additional travel bans to the US from Europe and the fact Manila has gone into lock down. The discussion between the crew at times is what is the potential impact on them, as they slowly work their way through the preparation list for Race 10.

So, here are a couple of some fantastic Fizz Friday facts for you. Time is the most used noun in the English language. The present moment is the most disorganised the universe has ever been. In which case, Nick’s (my son) university digs must have been the centre of the universe at that moment!

That's all for now,

Dave and Number 1