Race 1 - Day 24
Skipper Report
13 September

Bob Beggs
Bob Beggs
Team Unicef
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I bribed Simon Rowell, (a promise of a pint of Betty Stoggs) the Clipper Race fleet weather guru, to send some better wind angles in his daily forecast yesterday, and he came up trumps it seems as we have experienced our own little weather system.

This personalized weather gift is within the rules because I would have bought Simon a beer anyway. So here are the alternative facts from yesterday:-

After a day under Code 2 spinnaker (medium weight) with Unicef flying along in an upright stance travelling at speeds of up to 14 knots, surely we will take the Elliot Brown Ocean Sprint’s three points... or maybe it’s just a ground hog day living at 35 degrees!

We are still awaiting King Neptune’s arrival and look forward to what the next few days might bring,