Race 2 - Day 6
Skipper Report
10 October

Bob Beggs
Bob Beggs
Team Unicef
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Another day on the wind heeled at 45 degrees heading in the direction of Cape Town. At this angle, most tasks are very difficult although not impossible. Our Code 2 (mediumweight spinnaker), which incidentally is the size of a tennis court, has been meticulously inspected and has been treated to circa forty small patches to cover the small tears received during the 18 hours it destroyed our inner forestay. Later today the sewing machine will make an appearance to seal the deal to get the Code 2 fit to fly.

Life on-board is good although a little damp. Cooking and cleaning for 18 crew members at 45 degrees is a shared responsibility across all three watches which works well. Currently (0230 hrs Local) as I type it’s the bilge and bread-making watch that is busy down below, whilst above deck are being treated to fantastic phosphorescence shows and the moon has made an appearance between the clouds.

We now need a game changer to get back in the race!