Race 3 - Day 14
Skipper Report
14 November

Bob Beggs
Bob Beggs
Team Unicef
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Tropical trade wind sailing this morning! Yes, I know we are going to pay the price. Yes, I should have taken the option of going south for a day or two on a non-making tack to put Unicef in the potential strong downwind sailing conditions, but it really is champagne sailing conditions on deck. Whilst our competitors to the south have been spotting penguins we in the Indian Ocean have spotted coconuts passing along the side of the hull. I haven't spotted any bikini clad paddle boarders as yet, but I live in hope. It’s sunny, we're on a beam reach and upright feels like heaven after the last two weeks of living on the side of a hill!

The wind died off last night sufficiently to allow the watch on deck to replace a broken Mainsail batten - a job that needed doing but had been awaiting the right moment when we were going nowhere in a hurry.

My TIMEZERO navigation software informs me that we will pass through the half way milestone in a few hours from now - a celebration is in order.

Until tomorrow....

Cheers, Bob.