Race 3 - Day 16
Skipper Report
06 November

Dan Bodey
Dan Bodey
Team Unicef
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We are in Stealth Mode. Do not be alarmed, everything is okay, we are still here we just won’t appear on your tracker, or the fleet position updates for 24 hours. This enables us to make some sneaky moves under the cloak of invisibility. Hope you are all on the edge of your seat waiting for us to pop out. Shoutout to Andy’s Mum Helena, an avid blog tracker of ours. Between Scott and John’s kids tracking along, and Helena at 94, it is amazing to know that all the family that are involved are behind us, watching our every move out here!

Another big shoutout must go to Roz for all the work her and the team did getting the ‘Big Blue Clipper Boat’ website up and running so you can all follow progress/pictures/buy stash – awesome job! On that note, this is a reminder to visit our page check our stash and purchase some nice items, with profits going to our UNICEF fundraising total. If you haven't yet, please visit our JustGiving page and make a donation if you can, to help us continue to raise vital funds for UNICEF.

Laura, Dan and UNICEF team