Race 4 - Day 10
Skipper Report
11 December

Martin Clough
Martin Clough
Team Unicef
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Well another day has dawned for Tin Tin. Captain Haddock had just completed morning rounds when the mainmast lookout haled the deck 'Ship ahoy larboard quarter'. Immediately the fires were doused and drummer Tadros beat to quarters.

The lower gun decks were awash so it would be up to the gun captains of the mid and upper decks to show their steal today. The atmosphere was electric as the Captain summoned for his' bring em near' and the sight he beheld through the glass sent a shiver through his solid oak peg leg.

It was none other than Basher Bob Blackbeard Beggs the Barnsley Blaggard and his band of dustbin lid wearing cutthroats on board'The Happy Dragon'.

Skipper Bob was on the poop deck strapped in swivel game fishing settee, Marlin rod in hands, Havana cigar ablaze, Hawaiian shirt et al, with a crew member at his side serving him up his favourite breakfast crispy duck butties (with HP Sauce)!

More of Tin Tin's adventures tomorrow folks.

All good,