Race 4 - Day 2
Skipper Report
19 November

Dan Bodey
Dan Bodey
Team Unicef
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What a stopover Cape Town was!Good food, lots to do, and very welcoming people. Now it’s back to the oceans we go. Setting off on our Roaring Forties adventure.

Starting the race in Table Bay gave us some absolutely stunning views of Table Mountain. The start was intense with lots of jostling for prime position on the line. And a couple of differing sail choicesamongst the fleet.

As we tacked our way out of the bay, the wind shut down and up went our wind seeker. Again, an interesting mix of sail choices depending on the positions of the boats some going Code 1 some Yankie1 and some wind seeker. We managed to drift passed course Mark Nano, just as the wind shut off completely. As we bob around waiting for the wind to fill in, we are looking back at the mountains surrounding Cape Town and I'm wondering what the old mariners thought when they left these waters on their way back to Europe or on into the Indian Ocean.

Dan, Laura and the UNICEF team