Race 4 - Day 22
Skipper Report
09 December

Dan Bodey
Dan Bodey
Team Unicef
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Hahaha hope you all enjoyed our stealth mode? Our personal best performance was one six-hour session in which we sailed 6.575 nautical miles. Pretty stealthy of us to go one nautical mile AN HOUR.

That is the equivalent to your Saturday morning park run (5km) taking over 5 hours to complete. We hope the fleet are intimidated by our stealthy prowess of speed; would love to say there is a great grand plan and that we are just postponing our arrival in Freo so we can spend more time together, but unfortunately our speed has been determined by the wind hole sitting above us.

However, this morning has been revolutionary, we are moving, under our own control, in the right direction! Long may it continue. Big ups the front pack, you lucky beans. To those tributes sacrificed with us from district 28 into the third edition of the Clipper Race wind hole games, we send you our love, may the odds be ever in your favour; we look forward to seeing you in the capitol. (Apologies niche reference running low on blog inspo. Agatha D if you happen to read this, I thought of you and giggled as I wrote this HG inspired piece xx)

Laura, Dan and the UNICEF team