Race 1 - Day 24
Skipper Report
13 September

Nikki Henderson
Nikki Henderson
Team Visit Seattle
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Our clocks went back yesterday another hour so it's now 0430am - this is getting earlier and earlier!

As GT said in his blog yesterday, the funny thing about the Elliot Brown Ocean Sprint is that it really feels as if we have been sprinting since Liverpool. And we are definitely sprinting!

Since exiting the sprint, seeing as everyone behind us has still got their sprint on, we better had too or we they will all catch up pretty quick!

It's also the home straight now, well 2,000 nautical mile home straight, and we are sprinting to steak and wine. Visit Seattle is sprinting as hard as it can to hopefully keep up the lead despite Ariel (nickname for Code 2) remaining in her induced coma.

Feeling proud of the crew today for all their hard work over the last approximately 30 hours for working together to make our trusty steed go as fast as they could - we saw some pretty good speeds.

Over the last two days we have spent life at 45 degrees like the rest of the fleet. Everything is an effort. Cooking is a particular effort and everyone has done a brilliant job. In the first half of the sprint, Lizzie Howe and Em Woodason were our galley stars, and yesterday the Bailey cafe opened for business - run by Steve and Cam.

We ate brilliantly, there were no domestics and I'd recommend the desert list. It's an eclectic menu; we started with delicious homemade bread, jam and coffee, followed by rice noodle soup, and for dinner, Moroccan couscous and chicken, and then Steve's all-time favourite which he always cooks when he is on duty - crumble.

Thoughts are with you Dare To Lead and have been over the last few days. Well done for a smooth drop off and happy to see you back racing.

Sailing with style - Nik