It's a funny old feeling going back to sea - in one way it feels as if we never left this routine of eating, sleeping, sailing, cleaning, etc, etc, repeating - and in another it feels as if we were in Punta del Este for such a long time it almost felt like home. What a wonderful time it was there too. A big thank you is definitely owed to everyone who made us feel so welcome there - Marina, the Commodore, the hotel receptionist who just found my fold up bike the most hilarious thing - honestly one of the most warm and friendly places I have ever been. It was an awesome start and a lovely way to say goodbye to our two-week home.

So, the first night at sea is always hard work - the green monster tends to appear as we all settle in. We try to remember how to sail the boat and what sails to put up when. I'm not sure the crew appreciated the "umm Yankee 2, no, no, no Yankee 3, (wait 5 minutes as they lug Yankee 3 through the hatch) ah wait, maybe Yankee 2...perhaps we should reef first).” Anyway, we are getting in the swing of things, and I'm beginning to make up my mind just once every few hours rather than 50 times. Despite the hard work - it's great. A lovely night - wet and windy - but warm and a full moon.

And finally - just to update you all - we are a motley crew of just 16 this time, having sadly had to leave our dear Steve Bailey in Uruguay recovering from a fall. Shaz (Sharon Crapnell) is also on a plane home to help her back recover from a previous injury, and Chad (Chadwick Welch) is still in the US, having had some family issues. Our three 'new guys' – Philip Haucke, Julio Mathieu, and Guylaine Chapdelaine are warming in nicely. It's awesome to have three fresh faces, and three sources of terrible jokes and ridiculous stories to pass the nights away.

Sailing with style - Nik