I'm late with this blog, as we were recovering from our very own 'near whale experience' - Shannon Dean swerving just at the right time to avoid hitting three of them. Well done Shannon. We are very sorry to hear about PSP Logistics - it must be gutting to have to turn around, although thankfully they weren't too far out and can get fixed. Hopefully you are back on the water with us soon Roy and team.

The last day has been about settling in. We are juggling around duties to make way for the green monster, who has made some pretty spectacular appearances in very imaginative places - so that's kept us busy. Our 45 knot gusts from last night have subsided now too, so we are screaming along on a beam reach (wind from 90 degrees to the boat) trying to keep up with the speedy Lance and Dale up ahead. The weather is looking pretty confusing over the next week ... so hopefully we have got the right idea and don't end up stuck in too many holes - although last leg we did get a fair amount of practice in that! Missing the guys from Leg 1 - Ollie, Oscar, Tom, Mash, Cam, Steve, Shaz, Will, and Eric. It feels quite topsy-turvy with the crew change - everyone sleeping in different places - but we are warming into things nicely and looking forward to flattening out and getting our refurbed spinnakers (including Murphy or Ariel) up for a little airing.