Hello terricolas, weekend is ON! How exciting! Tonight, we are going out, why not? We will have a party on board celebrating that we fixed our mast track! Woohoo! We are now officially racing again! We don't have much wind right now, but we are 45 degrees south! So, I imagine that sooner or later there's gonna definitely be wind here!

Angus, Stephane and Mac did the job, harness on, drill, Heli coil, bolts, Allen keys, screwdrivers, collars, hammers, rivets that were not coming off, complications, coffee, five hours of pure coordination and hard work did the repair! So, a big, big cheers for them that put their hands on a plan that was tough to execute. Thanks to all of you who I'm sure were wishing us the best! Also big thanks to Skipper Hannah from Washington DC, and Skipper Ryan and AQP Charlie from Dare To Lead for sending us lovely messages! We are cheering for you now as well! After the repair, we had an introspective happy hour where we analyse the plan going forward, we choose our goals, we set a plan and now it's time to execute what we like to call ‘The Hunt' in honour of our fellow South African Skipper Greg Hunt, big hug lekker! En criollo, like we say in Uruguay, the plan consists of going really fast and catching them. How we gonna do it? I'll reserve that part but, just watch.

I forgot to write the blog earlier, as I'm back into racing mode, so not much spare time anymore to express myself so well. Now it's time to sail, so I won't be writing so many words anymore and I'll be asking our superstar poet Angus Whitehead the Cabeza Blanca to put some passion here as well. Just for you all to know, we are in last place, yes, but we couldn't be happier, we are overcoming our difficulties, as Shackleton said once, and we know that with 100% alegria ‘joy’, like my brother-in-law says, anything is possible.

Right now we have music on board, Punta school of helming is open, and ham is being cut in the galley! How am I so lucky? I am honoured to be the leader of this team. On the birthday front, last blog I wrote about how JP is so awesome, and I realized I didn't say anything about our superstars Miiiiiiiike Ferguuusonnn and Viiiiiictor Gueeeerreeero! Those two, the vital core of the team have been surprising me every day, with their non-stop joy, fun and being relentless hard workers. Mike, Watch Leader, and Team Leader to be honest, is showing great skills and learning so fast it is scary. We love his accent and his family: his son Elliot is the future of our team. Victor, silent leader, morale administrator, stepping up for his watch many times spotting those small important details, always smiling. They are very loyal to Angus and myself, and we love them a lot already. We're the luckiest. Don't you feel the same way with the people that surround you? Have you been giving them enough quality time? Are you there when they need you? Radiate love and you'll feel the most powerful human in the world. That's what I'm doing after this race, celebrate life with my loved ones. I want to send my niece Sofia a super enormous tight hug for her birthday. Our young photographer, the sweetest girl of the family, love you!

That's all from me, followers, friends, family, crew, please, please, please, if you are a good person, don't forget to invest in your Karma and donate some bucks to UNICEF. And this is a message to my crew from previous legs and future legs, did you create your Just Giving page? Wanna be on the helm? You better start right now, haha just kidding... or not!

Nano, Angus and the Yacht Club Punta del Este hunters