Race 3 - Day 14
Skipper Report
04 November

James Finney
James Finney
Team Zhuhai
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Hello everybody!

Going to make this brief as it has been a very long and challenging night’s sailing, after an exciting day or so sparring with Ryan and Charlie and the crew on Dare To Lead, flipping between third and second (well done guys!).

The night closed in and with it, the wind slowly rose, and eventually, with the wind howling through the rig we had to retreat and bring the sail down.

Our little crew worked so so hard last night and have continued to do so this morning as the heavy weather rolled on over, leaving us bobbing in its wake and it took another huge effort to get her moving again. I am so so proud of every single one of them, everyone has played their part tirelessly and with good humour and I know we will keep it going all the way into what is looking like a very tense close finish. Good for the race viewers, not for us!

All the best, from the crew, Mike, and myself