Race 3 - Day 16
Skipper Report
06 November

James Finney
James Finney
Team Zhuhai
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Hello everybody!

Well, it’s been another interesting 48hrs or so. The transition to kites from the safety and predictability of sailing with the Yankees is never an easy one, and yesterday's one could have gone a bit smoother. Finally, the decision was made to go for it, with squalls ranging around overhead and a very unpleasant sea state, it was not an easy one. Up it went and within minutes of the kite deploying we were on our side, giving the portholes a good wash. Not massively confidence-inspiring. Happily, we carried on, with the crew at maximum focus its was impressive to see how far they have all come in their respective sailing journeys so far. Changing through kites and gybing with only seven crew on the deck at any one time requires a huge amount of teamwork and effort from everybody, let alone helming the boat through some of the conditions we have seen, definitely no passengers on this boat! Whatever the outcome of this race I will be immensely pleased with the effort and resilience shown by this team.

All the best,

From the crew, Mike and myself