Race 3 - Day 18
Skipper Report
08 November

James Finney
James Finney
Team Zhuhai
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Hello everybody!

Very short one from us today as Mike and I might have got a bit confused as to who was actually going to send the sched and blog today and might have managed to convince the other that 'it's fine I'll do it' then managed to call each others bluff buy not doing it!

Difficult conditions here as the wind comes in patches, at the moment its seems that the 'Port Side Speed Sealers' watch get all the wind, with the 'Zhuhai drift kings' getting the following wind hole (as part of the Drift Kings watch at the moment, we think it's the others sailing us into them then leaving us to clean up the mess!) At the end of the day we are all one team and as long as one watch gets some wind then it's all good. However, it is tense times onboard, Dare To Lead has done a fantastic job with its Stealth Mode catching up Perseverance, which makes us a little nervous about Yacht Club Punta del Este coming out of Stealth Mode in 15 minutes or so.

The crew have been battling away valiantly to get the boat moving in at times 0 knots of breeze and we will keep fighting all the way to the finish. Looking ahead at the forecast that's exactly what it looks like: a very slow, quite boring but at the same time nerve-janglingly tense and difficult!

We'll do our best and see what comes out the other side, wish us luck fans!All the best from the crew, Mike and myself