Race 4 - Day 10
Skipper Report
27 November

James Finney
James Finney
Team Zhuhai
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This was supposed to be an AQP blog today, but Mike is asleep, and I'm sure there will be plenty of chances coming up for him to do one!

Well, it's been another engaging day or so's sailing down here in what has been the gentlest of the Roaring Forties sleigh rides so far. We've been making barnstorming runs of 6-7 knot averages over six hours with surfs hitting the high 8's it has been relentless. The wind lazily shifting20-30 degrees, casually collapsing the kite then reinflating it, like an animal playing with its food.

However, it's almost certainly the grass is greener because in 24hrs or so the Roaring Forties will live up to its name, and we'll all be thinking wistfully about those nice watches (or off watches) where not loads happened! We've been using the time to rest and prepare the boat and ourselves for the upcoming weather so that we'll hopefully be able to make the most of it when it does finally fill in. Until then the comments of the ships log will probably read things like "saw dolphins, Windseeker down" and "found Andy’s (Andrew Eggleton) nipple" (it had come off his water bottle in the night) so we wait and hope that the breeze kicks in soon. But spirits are high, and people are looking forward to getting the boat moving again after what has been quite a pleasant interlude on the whole, even if it hasn't made for stunning progress!

All the best from the crew, Mike and myself